A monumental wall obstructs the horizon. It’s impossible to go around, thus to avoid its imposing stature. As time goes by, ever-changing glows, lines and shapes, the plays of lights and shadows, dance and come to life. Time contributes to the emergence of subjects from nothingness. A patchwork of details which, when considered separately, generate emotions, shatter the wall. The photographer’s imagination allows him to recombine the different elements as his mind and thoughts wander. Once an obstacle, the wall has now disappeared and morphed into an ever-evolving sculpture, transforming with each spectator’s inspiration ...


Be it a sea or a river, the water’s surface conceals under its mask shifting, whimsical, changing and ephemeral reflections, the secrets of a made-up reality, which is all the more vivid as it remains unknown. The shimmering surface dissimulates reality and, as the mystery grows, makes it even more compelling. Doesn’t true wisdom sometimes reside more in escaping real life and one’s freedom to dream than diving into the depths of reality ? The mirror radiates light, mixes all the colors with the changing winds and its shifting surface to create an artistic canvas, different at each moment, constantly evolving. One must seize a fleeting moment and freeze it in the picture to keep it intact...


Shadows, like ghosts, wander vivaciously, die-cutting the light on the sidewalks. Their imposing silhouettes shift and fade away into nothingness just as quickly as they appeared. The phantoms intertwine with the street’s surroundings, structures made of lines and shapes frozen in their massive stature. Faint and intangible, the shadows hover over the asphalt, expanding, stretching, disappearing and later reappearing as if someone were playing an impossible magic trick...the mirrors of the city craft their elusiveness!


The innovative architectures of our cities, in constant change, are infinitely diverse structures of glass and steel which rise up and sculpt new shapes in their environment. Lines, shapes, colors harmonize, jostle, collide or multiply in accordance with the architecture and the environment. Visitors interpret the colors with their personal vision and their imagination. A subtle chemistry is given birth to by the symbiosis between the creator and the contemplative viewer, and the resulting outlooks never cease to surprise us !


What could be more strange and chaotic than nature’s amazing anarchy, the shape and layout of crystallized minerals within magmatic rocks, which can be found buried deep under the surface of the Earth ? The apparent disarray of nervous cells, of these incredible neurons and nerve fibers leave us bewildered. Nervous systems and their extensions seem almost unreal in their appearance... And yet, a mineral’s shape and disposition obey to specific laws, just like the nervous cells in their functional arrangement ! Who is the approving force of this orderly disorder ? Could a simple, subjective observation of these structures, stuck in time, be food for thought? The topic remains very broad !


The magnificent views presented by Ernst Haas, in his gorgeous « La création » album, first published in 1971, or the beautiful images made up of lines, shapes and artfully created colorful contrasts and captured by Franco Fontana have set the bar very high. Is it still possible for one to innovate in the field of landscape photography ? To break new ground ? It is up to each person to try ! One can always try to express their feelings and emotions when facing our planet’s beautiful and gratifying horizons.


I have always been enchanted by nature’s wonders. Nature is so mysterious. The plant world is of particular interest to me. Although seemingly frozen, plants are frantically active on the inside and their ability to adapt to infinitely diverse environments, without any true limitations, commands admiration…


The photographs presented in this series were, for the most part, taken while living or travelling into different countries, between the 1970s and the 1980s, some taken later.


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To surprise and be surprised, to see the world by focusing our attention on details which, contrary to an overall view, to have the ability to induce feelings and emotions.
Freeing the mind from imposed models, letting it free to wander and exploit its own sentiment in the face of partial, biased or made-up realities, which each person can claim as their own without ever being subjected to them.



Learning to imagine what is not, discovering what is hiding or what doesn’t exist ! Our relationship to images has changed and, oftentimes, one’s imagination takes over reality. Daydreaming gives life to an environment made of lines, colors, vibrant sensations which harmonize, tear themselves apart, come together or clash throughout life’s many discoveries and events.

In contemporary photography, an idea can sometimes override the piece to the point of numbing it and reducing its congruent portion by morphing it into the most diverse shapes, with the sole purpose of surprising the viewer, at all costs.
Does creating an element of surprise just for the sake of it generate true emotion ? The “idea” is of dominating value in the concept, but is there a contradiction with other forms of aestheticism to the point of rejection by certain people ?
Concepts are an extension of the thought process ; a photographer’s statements and expression in their work are intrinsic but, luckily, each person is entitled to preserve their freedom and to express their senses, sensations, emotions and feelings…

Born into a family of photographers in a privileged environment, I have been taking pictures since childhood. From early on, photography has been a passion of mine. I have practiced it in all walks of life. I have devoted myself to documentary imagery, writing, books and press articles. For the longest time, I was expatriated for professional reasons, my choice having been motivated by my desire to discover other areas of the world, their environmental, cultural diversity, and by my desire to live abroad. Now back in my hometown, Albi, I’m still very dedicated to photography, with a marked shift towards abstract art.

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